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It all sounds great, but what are the documents Xport-Pro is able to generate?

We can proudly assure you that our software is able to generate most of the required export-related documents namely: Quotation, Order Confirmation, Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, GST Invoice, Packing List, Invoice Cum Packing List, Detailed Packing List, Certificate of Origin (as per the desired chamber), Document Weight List, GSP, Shipment Advice, etc.

Do we need to have any servers for installation?

No, absolutely not. Xport-Pro is a cloud application. In order to access the software, all you need to do it open any web browser, enter the Xport-Pro URL, login, and its done.

How often are there updates to the Software?

We encourage feedback from our clients based on which we analyze what new features should be launched and how an existing problem faced by a client can be resolved. Our business analyst team works towards identifying what the new features should be made part of Xport-Pro in the short term and long term horizon.

How does the Pay-As-You-Go subscription plan work?

Xport-Pro's subscription plan has been designed to suit all sizes of businesses, small, medium, and large enterprises. With Pay-As-You-Go, you only pay when you create a shipment. This should provide great flexibility for your business. We believe in the old saying, "When you grow, we grow".

What are the major requirements from our side that are essential to use Xport-Pro software?

Xport-Pro enables you to access your Integrated Export Management workspace from any desktop or laptop, from home or office. All you need is a decent internet connection, a bare minimum configured PC, and any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

I’ve seen other softwares that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

We take pride in saying that Xport-Pro is one of the most robust integrated export documentation software, with some of the best in class features and benefits. We are committed to evolving our software with new features which will be extremely advantageous for our current and potential users.

What can be my yearly charges for using Xport-Pro?

We charge AMC (billed annually), per user per month (billed annually), additional charges for branches, and per shipment filed within the software. Yearly charges can vary depending on requirements and usage. For further details, please feel free to refer to our Plans and Pricing tab or email your requirement to us at

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